Due to climate change, corals are facing challenges in their growth, spread, and resilience to severe weather events. Restoring damaged areas becomes crucial as recovery may take over 25 years. The island of Soneva Fushi, which has been surveyed for marine life, has areas with minimal coral coverage, low fish biomass, and limited benthic life and invertebrates. These areas are suitable for active coral restoration. To initiate coral restoration, 432 steel metal reef structures powered by Mineral Accretion Technology (MAT) will be created. MAT uses low voltage direct current electrolysis to support the growth of over 50,000 coral fragments annually. Corals relocated from a nearby dredging project will serve as the primary source for populating the nursery. They will be placed as colonies on tables or fragmented into approximately 7cm sizes for attachment. Knowledge transfer to local stakeholders will be essential for maintenance.