Is there still hope for our oceans? This is the question that biologist and freediver Daniel Bichsel wants to get to the bottom of together with documentary filmmaker Chris Keller. Their search for the answer to this question takes them to the Seychelles, Maldives, the Mediterranean and their home in Germany, among other places.


There, they meet people who are committed to protecting the world's oceans through vision, education and innovative ideas, and who are confronted with great challenges in their work: Plastic waste in unimaginable quantities, social injustice and broken ecosystems. Daniel and Chris record their experiences in interviews and impressive underwater, land and aerial cinematography. Back in Germany, they pass on their experiences and motivate young people to become active themselves, as it is worthwhile to make a difference. In the end, one thing is clear, we have the opportunity to create the necessary change. 


A documentary series that combines and relates beauty, destruction, and solutions encourages reflection and action: How does my consumption behave? Where can I become active myself? Why is it even worthwhile to deal sustainably with our resources? What can I do as an individual?