We are Chris and Daniel, a filmmaker duo from Freiburg, Germany. Our passion and strength are short movies with a clear vision related to environmental protection and sustainability. In our concise and personal films we express our love for nature and connect the spectator with powerful messages.




Daniel’s love for the oceans and diving have been a driving force for his work for many years. Through his work in various aquatic habitats and environmental protection projects, he got to know many people who are also committed to make a difference. Above all, it is important for him to pass on his knowledge and experience, to inspire other people with his enthusiasm and to initiate rethinking related to our attitude to the oceans.


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Chris is enthusiastic about film productions where he has to confront the unknown, overcome new challenges and thus constantly improve his work in a natural and authentic way. Authenticity, expressiveness and unique images are the parameters which are the essence for him in a great film. He wants to use his skills to leave something behind that will shape the future of coming generations. For him, audiovisual content has the greatest potential to reach and inspire large numbers of people in today‘s society.


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